Holistic Solutions

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We provide products that aid and support this natural ability.  We encourage you to try our WORLD CLASS products, even if you may have tried other holistic and CBD-containing products with rather limited or no success.  We have used our Independent laboratory to analyze the contents of other products on the market and have found that many easily available products (think gas stations or convenience stores) do not contain the ingredients or amounts of CBD that they claim.  We not only guarantee our products, but we also include the actual independent laboratory analysis of each of our products, certifying their contents and concentrations of active ingredients, as well as lack of pesticides and pollutants. If you have tried other products without much success, we encourage you to try Weatherly Farms products.  CBD-containing products have long been known for mitigating (lessening) feelings of uncontrolled dread, panic, and apprehension which can spontaneously strike.  Daily capsules or oils have been a real godsend for many with no drug side effects. 

White Labeling

Let us help your business

With our production facilities, we can economically produce almost any holistic product or supplement.  We have created products for other companies cheaper and more quickly than they could for themselves, and provide independent lab analysis guaranteeing organic holistic purity for all products.  This is called WHITE LABELING, and we are experienced experts in this field.  We can even ship YOUR products to YOUR customers for you, making production and marketing for your company completely painless.  Starting your own online business or enhancing you own company’s product offerings using our production and manufacturing program can be easy and worry free.  We would love to be your partner as your business and needs grow in this ever-emerging industry. Send us an email at

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