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About us

With great people, amazing products emerge.

Steve Klomp, DMD,

As CEO and President of Weatherly Farms, Dr. Steven Klomp brings a wealth of experience to the development of products designed to increase well-being and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.  Many of our innovative products have come about as a result of the combined innovation and interaction between these two professionals working together to address peoples’ need for alternative therapy and gentle holistic wellbeing solutions.

By helping to reduce the effects of day-to-day stress and discomfort, the body is better able to function as it was designed.

Adam Katschke, Pharm.D,

 Adam Katschke, Pharm.D, was a compounding pharmacist with years of experience operating his own pharmacy.  As CFO and Vice President of Weatherly Farms and with a doctoral degree in pharmacy (not just a Master’s degree), he puts that knowledge and experience into each of the products we have created.  Our Sooth and Calm rub and lotion was our first product and has an outstanding record of success, due to Dr, Katschke’s knowledge of holistic alternative therapies. Our capsules and oils have alleviated angst, dread, and feelings of apprehension and panic for many. His technical expertise has resulted in our collection of extremely effective and useful products designed to increase your feelings of well-being and comfort

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